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HR and Payroll

Pay employees the right amount and on time in order to keep them motivated

HR and Payroll

A major portion of the operational cost of a retail store is employee payments. It is important for a retail store to pay employees the right amount and on time in order to keep them motivated and satisfied. It is all too easy to make mistakes while doing the complex calculations required for payroll. This can result in wrong payments that can annoy your employees and reduce company morale. FusionRetail payroll helps you to record employee profile, attendance and calculate the pay and deductions. It covers wages and salaries, overtime, commission, bonuses, holiday pay, statutory payments and deduction against loan. It helps you pay your employees the correct amount on time, every time. You know what a dissatisfied employee means to the service-based retail industry. Demotivated and dissatisfied employees often lose focus from customer service.

Work Plan and Holiday List

Holidays and Designation wise office hours

Working out holiday entitlements can be a mind-boggling experience for many retail store executives. With FusionRetail, you can create a proper policy and process in-place.

Employee Master

Working out tax details while computing the payment for staff is complex and time consuming. FusionRetail payroll system helps you deal with payroll related events, such as if an employee is promoted, leaves the company or if a tax rate changes.

Pay Head and Salary Structure

Think about how long it takes your team to perform payroll tasks each week and month. It also takes a lot of time to track records, such as who was hired, when and at what pay structure. It is also required that someone keeps a record of attendance. At the time of weekly or monthly payment, it creates an additional pressure as everyone’s pay needs to be calculated with accuracy.

Attendance (Fingerprint or Smart Card)

A retail store is a 24x7 business and the staff requirement is based on the occupancy. There are different types of employees with various work shifts, which makes it hard to keep track of attendance. Correct attendance recording is required to calculate the right pay and to analyse employee regularity, punctuality and other insights. FusionRetail payroll comes with a fully configurable attendance system that can be used with fingerprint or smart cards.

Earning and Deduction

In many countries it is a statutory requirement to deduct tax, other statutory obligation(s) and contributions to state fund. There are other general deductions that need to be accounted for while calculating pay. An employee’s satisfaction involves getting paid on time with accurate general and statutory deductions. With FusionRetail, you can easily define the process and policies, and get the accurate calculation automatically.

Pay Slip Generation

Employees often need to know how the pay has been calculated and they sometimes need documents for their home loan or other statutory requirement, as well. FusionRetail helps you to easily print out the pay slip and pay-check in an easy to understand format.

Payroll Reports

Also, other departments need certain analytical reports related to payroll, such as daily attendance sheets and pay sheets. With FusionRetail, these reports are centralized and can be used by executives of other departments that have been granted access to.